OVODAN offer a wide variety of egg powder solutions. These solutions are customizable to specific product requirements and compatible with all production processes and equipment.

OVODAN egg powder products are spray dried and pasteurized eggs from healthy and tracable sources. The functional proporties of the hen eggs are well preserved, which allows the products to enter a wide range of applications.

Using OVODAN egg powder products improves the handling of your processes. The egg powders have excellent solubility and are easy to dose. Furthermore, egg powders hold a significally longer shelf life compared to liquid egg products.

OVODAN egg powders comes in different variants optimised for specific applications within many product segments such as:

  • Bakery
  • Confectionery
  • Fine food
  • Convenience food
  • Meat, fish & subsitutes


Furthermore, we offer a wide range of compounds where Ovodan Mayonnaise Compound is amongst the most popular. Feel free to contact us for further information about OVODAN compounds or new developments.

Ovodan Mayonnaise Compound

The compounds are based on pasteurized and spray dried hen egg yolk, mixed with selected ingredients to provide improved emulsification and heat stability. Hen egg yolk can be sourced from cage eggs, barn eggs, free range eggs or organic eggs.

  • Original Mayonnaise compound
  • Sugared Mayonnaise compound
  • Salad Mayonnaise compound
  • Sugared Salad Mayonnaise compound

By using OVODAN Mayonnaise Compounds you increase the physical stability and heat stability of your mayonnaise product. The compounds are easily dissolved in water, and you obtain a higher viscosity. This results in stable emulsions and a standardized high quality.

As all our compounds are pasteurized and spray dried there is no bacteriological development. When stored correctly the compounds hava 18-month shelf-life.

The most important advantages of OVODAN egg powder products are: