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Over the years, we have developed an unrivaled depth of expertise in egg processing. From freshly laid eggs through to final end-products, we can help you take advantage of the functionality of eggs. Today we offer a wide variety of existing and potential solutions. These solutions are customizable to your individual product requirements and compatible with all production processes and equipment.

Many customers also use us as a knowledge base for market developments and B2B support. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest global trends and technical sales strategies. This will help you to identify new market opportunities and align your product development accordingly.

A solution for every need
OVODAN Egg Products provide functional benefits in various food applications such as

  • good taste
  • emulsification
  • binding qualities 
  • whipping qualities

For instance, OVODAN Egg Products provide perfect emulsification of yolk in mayonnaise. This means you are able to declare cleaner labelling on  your final product.

OVODAN Egg Products are also used in the health care industry and we carry out research within biotechnology in collaboration with international recognised universities.

Innovation for new applications
Eggs can be used to enhance different product qualities. By combining our solutions with other key ingredients, for example soy protein, we can help you to meet specific flavor profiles and create exactly the result you need for all your B2B or B2C requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific egg project that needs our assistance. By clicking on the product categories you can see some of our product solutions.