Dating back to the early 1100’s a flour mill was established by English Benedictine munk’s who had come to Odense to establish a monastery in honour of the Danish Saint, King Canute – who had been killed in Odense on the 10th of July, 1087. These munk’s quickly established a mill to produce flour for bread. Although the exact date is not known, it is a fact that this mill – Munke Mølle (the munk’s mill) has been a part of Odense for about 900 years, and as such is the oldest known registered company in Denmark.

SANOVO’s history starts in 1937 when the mill invested in a spray drier to experiment with new methods in the milling business. After a few years it was obvious, however, that this technique did not work as planned so the mill looked around for other possible applications of the spray drier. One such possibility was to produce milk powder and dried egg powder, and to mix these powders with flour from the mill and other ingredients to manufacture various half-processed food products. In late 1941 this project was formalized into the company which has today grown into the SANOVO EGG GROUP.


The year was 1942– not a good time to start a new business. Because of the war everything was in short supply and rationed. The Danish authorities would not allow flour to be used in the production and the use of eggs for dried products required a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture as well. For the remainder of the war, permits were only granted for small quantities of eggs, and much less than was needed to use the full capacity of the spray drier.


The liberation came in 1945 and it was decided to increase the factory’s capacity by building new production facilities at the location which is today headquarter of the SANOVO EGG GROUP. The realisation of these plans, nevertheless, ran into problems. Although the war was over, there were still shortages and rationing on many investments and consumption goods. It was difficult to get the permission to build the new factory, and it was not before April 1948 that the production could begin, but then the facilities were much better than in the old factory – with much more space and more modern equipment. There were also problems with supplies. Although the Danish egg production was growing the Ministry would not allow large quotas for egg powder production, because it was essential for the country to export eggs – to pay for imports that were considered strategic for the reconstruction of the Danish economy. It was not until 1949 that the public regulation imposed on the use of eggs was abolished, and in the next years the prices on the free market decided the profitability of the egg powder production. The company experienced very good years in 1950 and 1953. The production included powder made from whole egg, egg yolks, egg whites and some frozen products. Most of the production took place during the summer and early fall while there were an abundant supply of eggs, but the sales were highest during the winter and spring when there were few fresh eggs on the market.

Late 1940's

In the late 1940s salmonella bacteria several times affected international egg production. As a consequence the demands from health authorities increased, and as early as in 1951 SANOVO started to experiment with pasteurisation of its egg products, so they would be able to supply the market with salmonella-free products. SANOVO therefore, was in front when it came to research and development concerning hygienically processed egg products. Well before egg products processing methods became regulated by health authorities throughout international markets, SANOVO had implemented strict requirements internally.


SANOVO Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1963. The factory started its activities as the first egg product factory in Germany and today it holds a leading position in the German market. SANOVO Eiprodukte is situated in Zeven, a city between Bremen and Hamburg in northern Germany. Zeven has an optimal infrastructure due to a good accessibility to highways, harbours (Hamburg and Bremerhaven) and airports.


SANOVO EGG PRODUCTS UK, England was formed in 1980 as a trading company specifically to service the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with both egg powders and cheese powders. The company is located in Braintree 80km North East of London. In Braintree we have our sales office and our warehouse.


SANOVO International as was founded in 1996 and is situated in Odense, Denmark. SANOVO International as is a trading company and buys, sells and distributes eggs, egg products and other related products. SANOVO International as is a leading company within the international trade of eggs and egg products with many years of experience within this business. 


In April 2007, we brought all of our activities into one group – SANOVO EGG GROUP.


On January 1st 2010 SANOVO EGG GROUP merged with sister company LACTOSAN A/S into LACTOSAN-SANOVO Ingredients Group.


On June 18th 2019 SANOVO EGG GROUP changed name to OVODAN EGG GROUP.