Whole Egg powder products

OVODAN whole egg powders are spray dried and pasteurized eggs from healthy and tracable sources. The functional proporties of the hen eggs are well preserved in the OVODAN egg powders which allows the products to enter a wide range of applications.

Using OVODAN whole egg powder products improves the handling of your processes. The egg powders have excellent solubility and are easy to dose. Furthermore, egg powders hold a longer shelf life compared to liquid egg products.

OVODAN whole egg powders comes in different variants optimized for specific applications. If you are looking for a variant not listed below, please feel free to contact us for special requests.


OVODAN whole egg powder offers a good structure and high emulsifying alibities for your end product. The whole egg powder is provided both as plain and with anti-cak- ing agent. Both are suitable for confectionery and bakery products, minced meat, sausages, meat substitutes and pasta.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs

350 – 3505

Cage eggs, TCP 1%

356 – 3565

Barn eggs

390 – 3504

Barn eggs, TCP 0,5%

391 – 3514

Barn eggs, TCP 1%

396 – 3564

Barn eggs KAT cert.

390 KAT

Free range eggs

380 – 3503

Free range eggs, TCP 1%


Free range eggs KAT cert.

380 KAT

Bio certified eggs

358 HW-DE

Bio certified eggs, KAT cert.

358 KAT – 3506


OVODAN sugared whole egg powders are spray dried with glucose to optimize rising abilities of sponge cake products during the baking process.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs, 33% glucose

355 – 3535

Cage eggs, 20% sugared

357 – 3575

Barn eggs, 33% glucose

395 – 3534

Barn eggs, 20% sugared

397 – 3574


OVODAN heat-stable whole egg powder provides good emulsifying abilities while being resistant to high temperatures. This is beneficial to products that are heated to avoid separation. OVODAN heat-stable egg powder is suitable for mayonnaise, dressings, custard and sauces.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs

352 – 3525


OVODAN de-sugared whole egg powder offers a good structure and high emul- sifying alibities for your long-lasting end products. Furthermore, the egg powder allows you to add your own sweetener, beneficial for low-carb end products.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs

353 – 3585


To obtain the best result for your product, OVODAN whole egg powder must be dissolved into water before further processing. This is done by adding equal amounts of whole egg powder and water while stirring until the mixture is homogeneous. Then, the rest of the water is added gradually while stirring.

Powder-to-water ratio should be 1:3. Sugar and other dry ingredients can beneficial be added the whole egg powder before it is stirred into the water.

100 g egg powder dissolved into 300 g water provides 400 g whole egg, corresponding to approx. 8 eggs. We recommend the dissolved egg powder is hydrated for 5-10 minutes before further processing.