Vision and values


OVODAN focuses on supporting your business continuity. To this end we have built a global network of trusted production facilities and farms, so you have a safe, consistent supply that consistently meets your demands and quality standards.

For you this means a stable production line, so you can uphold your contractual promises and maintain competitive pricing to help drive growth across new and existing markets.

Reliability – The world’s most trusted egg partner

We provide a secure, consistent egg supply to help protect your production process. OVODAN is trusted worldwide as a dependable provider of high-quality liquid and powdered egg-based products as well as a full range of catering products. For more than 80 years, food manufacturers in over 60 countries have counted on us to help maintain their production process and build their brand.


We take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest trends to offer bespoke solutions and technical and application expertise for the global food industries.


As true pioneers in the industry we have extensive knowledge within sustainable egg handling and processing, machinery and packagings etc.

Our business success is not solely down to our quality products and our pioneering technologies; above all it is due to our dedicated employees, who are keen to offer assistance wherever possible to you our valued customers. Our professional and motivated teams of scientists and technicians are at disposal in your quest for the right egg product made specifically for your application.