Egg yolk powder products

OVODAN egg yolk powders are spray dried and pasteurized egg yolks from healthy and tracable sources. The functional properties of the yolks are well preserved in the OVODAN egg powders which allows the products to enter a wide range of applications.

Using OVODAN egg yolk powder products improves the handling of your processes. The egg powders have an excellent solubility and are easy to dose. Furthermore, egg yolk powders hold a longer shelf life compared to liquid egg products.

OVODAN egg yolk powders comes in different variants optimized for specific applications. If you are looking for a variant not listed below, please feel free to contact us for special requests.


OVODAN egg yolk powder offers high emulsifying abilities and good taste for your product. OVODAN yolk powder is suitable for mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, pasta, custard, ice cream and pancakes.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs

150 – 1505

Cage eggs, TCP

156 – 1565

Barn eggs

190 – 1504

Barn eggs KAT cert.

190 KAT

Free range eggs

180 – 1503

Free range eggs KAT cert.

180 KAT

Bio certified eggs

158 HW


OVODAN heat-stable egg yolk powder provides strong emulsifying abilities while being resistant to high temperatures. This is beneficial to products that are heated to avoid separation. The OVODAN heat-stable egg yolk powder is suitable for mayonnaise, dressings, custard and sauces.

Egg source

Article no. DE – DK

Data sheet

Cage eggs, TCP

152 – 1525

Cage eggs, SiO2

151 – 1515

Cage Eggs, SiO2

157 – 1575

Barn eggs, TCP

192 – 1524

Barn eggs KAT cert., TCP

192 KAT

Free range eggs, TCP

182 – 1523

Free range KAT cert., TCP

182 KAT

Bio certified eggs, SiO2



To obtain the best result for your product, OVODAN egg yolk powder must be dissolved into water before further processing. This is done by adding equal amounts of egg powder and water while stirring until the mixture is homogeneous. Then, the rest of the water is added gradually while stirring.

Powder-to-water ratio should be 1:1,25. Sugar and other dry ingredients can beneficial be added the egg powder before it is stirred into the water.

100 g egg powder dissolved into 125 g water provides 225 g egg yolk, corresponding to the yolk from approx. 12 eggs. We recommend the dissolved egg powder is hydrated for 5-10 minutes before further processing.